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Using the Library

Archivio di Lettere

It is completely free to use this archive. You may view any of the pages in a photo format, though you may not copy them. If you would like to donate to the archive so that we may secure additional manuscripts and codices that are important to the history of Lettere, and the Letteresi people, we would be thrilled if you did so by going to our “Support Us” page. 

If you would like to translate any of the pages into any other language to help other researchers so that this archive develops a worldwide academic importance, please email the archive from our “Contact Us” page. 

As the pages of our manuscripts are translated into foreign languages, they will be posted as fully searchable PDF files. Those PDF files will only be available to registered users. If you would like to register with our archives, please visit our ‘Register” page. Anyone can register. You do not need to be an academic researcher or student. Our archives are open to anyone who loves the history of Lettere, its people and the region.