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Archivio di Lettere

This website is operated not for profit but only for academic reasons. We would be thrilled if you would support the monetarily or with a donation of your time to assist with translations of the pages of the various manuscripts. There are hundreds of pages which need to be translated into several different languages so that this archive becomes a useful tool for universities around the world. If you are fluent in Italian and another language and would like to translate a page into that other language, please register and contact us. 

If you donate money, your donation will ONLY be used for translation services and you decide the pages that your donation will translate. You can donate funds to pay for the costs for certain pages of certain manuscripts to be translated. If you contact us with the name of the manuscript and the page numbers you would like translated and into which language, we will secure an estimate from a translating service and inform you of the necessary donation. At that time, you can decide if you would like to make the donation or not. You are not obligated in any way to make a donation once an estimate is received. 

Once the translation is complete you will be provided your own copy of the translation and it will be added to our archive with a badge indicating that you donated the translation.